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AttachmentField::PortalTransformsAttachment::PortalTransformsAttachment Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for AttachmentField::PortalTransformsAttachment::PortalTransformsAttachment:


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Detailed Description

A portal_transforms-based attachment.
This special kind of handler will rely on PortalTransforms to get all the relevant
information about your stuff, such as encoding, mime types and so on.

It does most of the work for all plugins he's aware of.

Definition at line 47 of file PortalTransformsAttachment.py.

Public Member Functions

def convertStringToIndex
def convertStringToPreview
def getContentTypes
def getConverterType
def getIconFile
def getIndexableValue
def getIndexArguments
def getIndexEncoding
def getIndexPath
def getMimetypesRegistry
def getPortalTransforms
def getPreview
def getPreviewArguments
def getPreviewEncoding
def getPreviewFormat
def getPreviewPath
def getSmallIconFile
def getSmallPreview
def getTransforms
def initHandler
def string2unicode
def unicode2string

Static Public Attributes

tuple content_types
string converter_type = "Plone Portal transform"
 error = False
string icon_file = "unknow.gif"
 index_arguments = None
 index_encoding = None
 index_path = None
 is_external_conv = False
 is_working = True
 preview_arguments = None
 preview_encoding = None
 preview_format = None
 preview_path = None
 program_found = False
string small_icon_file = "unknow_small.gif"
 unknown_icon_file = DummyAttachment.DummyAttachment.icon_file
 unknown_small_icon_file = DummyAttachment.DummyAttachment.small_icon_file

Private Member Functions

def _convertStringToMime
def _getTransformPath

Static Private Attributes


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