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AttachmentField::AttachmentField::AttachmentField Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A base class to handle file fields. This is based on Archetypes.
When the file is uploaded, it's stored, as the File field, as a File class.

See FileField.set() :

    value = File(self.getName(), '', value, mimetype)
    setattr(value, 'filename', f_name or self.getName())
    ObjectField.set(self, instance, value, **kwargs)

Definition at line 104 of file AttachmentField.py.

Public Member Functions

def get
def getFilename
def getIcon
def getIndexableValue
def getPreview
def getSize
def getSmallIcon
def guessMimeTypeFromContent
def isEmpty
def isIndexed
def isMultiValued
def isPreviewAvailable
def set

Static Public Attributes

tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _getHandler
def _logException
def _reset

Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__ = (Field.FileField.__implements__, IAttachmentField)
tuple _properties = Field.FileField._properties.copy()

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